Barcelona Photography Tours testimonials and recommendations



 "We secured Laurie for 3 different experiences in Barcelona. Of the 8 people in our group, 6 of them loved photography and Laurie was able to teach something different to each one based on the varying experience levels and individual styles.

Each of us felt we had made a friend when our touring was done! He made our time in Barcelona exceptional!"


Bill & family. N. Carolina, USA 









"From the few hours I spent during the tour, I gained invaluable tips from an experienced professional in taking my photography to the next level"

Christine. Frankfurt, Germany







"An exceptional tour. I went home with images I would never had captured without a pro photo guide. Being at the right place at the right time is essential for photographers. It was great how you planned the route according to the light"

Pierre. Lyon, France






 "Thanks Laurie, for providing the ideal start point for our adventures in Spain. The friendliness which we felt and genuine interest that you cheerfully shared with us will always be measured in treasured thoughts"                

George & Dawn. Toronto, Canada





 "We just wanted to thank you for the great day out.  You showed us the Barcelona we were hoping for, and left us with photographs that we will cherish"



                                           Tal & Tali, Tel Aviv, Israel





                                                   "The photo tour was a great way to improve my camera skills and see your amazing city through my lens. I really enjoyed my day-thanks so much for your patience and advice. I learned alot from your tips using my film camera. I will be back for sure one day and try the night photo tour.  Highly recommended"             

Guy. London, UK                                                                                   








 "The photos you took of us were stunning! It was always our dream to get married with our family in Barcelona, and you helped make that dream come true.."

                                                                                           Gabriella & Ramon. Baja California, USA






"I had a magical time in Barcelona. I would never have known that i would have ended up marrying my tour guide!                            

Linda. Belarus






 "Thanks so much for the great tour. Your kindness and enthusiasm in showing us around your amazing city really made for a great day out"

                                         Tamar & family. Dundee, Scotland






                                                            "A memorable tour. What i was expecting from the agenda was surpassed with more that was offered. The main feature on Laurie's tour is that he is a professional photographer which captures a different look of Barcelona. Pictures are worth a thousand words and with his tour, it definitely defines that! I am so glad to have taken his tour, i am very impressed! It was definately an awesome experience!"

Gaudencio. Los Angeles, USA 







"We had a great time in Barcelona. From Montjuic to Park Guell, and everything in between-you were a great guide, photographer and host. Thanks for making an easy and enjoyable day out for 6 difficult customers!"

                                                              Amos, Zahava, Uzi, Oren, Yuval & Vered. Kfar Tavor, Israel







   "We had a wonderful afternoon & evening with Laurie. It is a huge benefit to tour a city like Barcelona with a local so that you become aware of the locations and times to get great pictures. Laurie took into account the places we had already visited in the morning and adjusted his tour accordingly. We would definitely book with Laurie again should we ever make it back to Barcelona!"

Marilee & friends. Alberta, Canada 






                                                                          "Laurie provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For those wishing to take NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS under the guidance of a professional photographer and guide, to the patient instruction and assistance with my camera, Laurie is unparalleled.  If  you have ever wanted to try night photography and find yourself in Barcelona, engage Laurie. He is masterful at his trade".

                                                                          David. Texas, USA






                                                                                          "We had a fantastic time in your your city.  Barcelona is at the top of my list if we ever return to Spain. Laurie, you will be the first person we will call on arrival! Thank's for everything. You customized the tour to perfection!"

Vladimir & family. Moscow, Russia






"When we booked a guide to visit the place of our Jewish ancestors , we were not expecting to find such hospitality from our host. You were very informative with a good knowledge of our history. It was nice to feel at home away from home. You are always welcome at our home when you come back to Israel".



                                                  Moshe & Yuval. Beer Sheva, Israel







"Laurie showed a genuine concern for our interests by modifying activities on a daily basis to accomodate our needs and desires. We were together for 4 days for 4 hours each day and time was used very efficiently. Laurie knows his city and made it possible for these return visitors to see Barcelona through his eyes. Excellent chemistry!"

Eugene & Dolores. NY, USA







"As a working pro, I have been on many photo workshops in various countries but your tour has to rate as one of the most enjoyable! I left your fabulous city with some great images"


                                             Malcolm. Pennsylvania, USA















"A fantastic choice for photographers finding themselves in Barcelona. Highly recommended"

David. NYC, USA







"Excellent introduction to a vibrant city by a friendly, gregarious guide. Laurie went out of his way to make us comfortable"

                                                      Lawrence & Julia. Florida, USA







"Laurie, thanks for making our stay in Barcelona an extraordinary experience"

  Steve & Janice. California, USA







              "We especially enjoyed our guide in Barcelona, Laurie. He too, is a photographer, which gave insight vis a vis approaching typical Barcelona sights from unique vantage points.  He is also well-versed in Judaica, and has traveled (as well as guided tours) all over the world, providing lots of background on Jewish history in Spain, another interest of ours, and many wonderful stories about travelling" 


Susan & Michael. California, USA







"Laurie provided us with the ideal tour on our honeymoon. An insight into Catalan society, excellent local cuisine and first rate, natural looking portraits during our trip"

                                                                             David & Loretta. Toronto, Canada







"Every city should have this! I got a one-on-one educational and inspirational photographic experience on the streets of Barcelona. It's experiences like these that allow you to feel a city's culture and life... and hopefully catch it through your lens.  Absolutely recommended"

David. Frankfurt, Germany





"Thanks to Barcelona photography tours, we had an amazing and informative tour of the city. You had our attention at each historical site, and we walked away with a greater appreciation of your city. You have a very friendly manner about you, which made us all feel comfortable and safe"  

         Rossie & Bob. Florida, USA 









"Laurie is great. He adapts the tours to his customers requirements and goes one step beyond. Thank you for a memorable introduction to Barcelona"

Uri & family. Mexico city, Mexico








"Barcelona photography tours gave me the opportunity to experience this fantastic city through the eyes of a pro photographer.  As a serious amateur and world traveller through my travel agency, I was able to show my clients back home quality images of sites only a local would know about. Highly recommended"




David. Florida, USA









"We all wanted to thank you for such a wonderful day touring Barcelona. We had a vote on the various private guides we used throughout our cruise, and your name came up as the unanimous winner!."

Cheryl. Washington, USA








 "Laurie was one of the most interesting guides we have had in our many years of travel. Coming to Barcelona from a global background, he has a very rich cultural life. He was so friendly and shared many stories with us. He took us to some amazing photo shoot opportunities which my husband thoroughly enjoyed".

Anne & family. Ohio, USA 







"I got in contact with Barcelona Photography Tours as they were recommended by a friend of mine who did a photo workshop with Laurie.  I needed a photographer to take images of me to expand my professional portfolio. I really am pleased with the results - very professional but natural looking images with great backgrounds in natural light. Highly recommended!"

Syukri. Kingdom of Brunei











If you are looking for a great way to improve your photography skills and at the same time get to know Barcelona, this is it!  I did the 6h afternoon/evening tour with Laurie and it proved to be incredibly valuable. Laurie First asked me what I was looking to learn and what I was maybe less comfortable with in terms of photography and then we were off to prcatice exactly my weak spots. He does a great job at pointing out possible compositions and then walks you through the process of taking a great shot. Laurie's very knowledgable about all the different aspects of photography and is always quick to give great advice. Barcelona Photography Tours was the highlight of my visit!


             Catrin. Munich, Germany








"This was easily one of the best things we did while in Barcelona!  The tour was towards the end of our stay, and we had seen quite a bit of the city, but Laurie still managed to take us to places we still had not seen, and probably wouldn't have found on our own. This is a great way to see the city, get some great lasting memories and should not be missed! I can't rave enough about this tour. You will not be dissapointed!!"

Veronica. NYC, U.S.A










"Laurie is not only a great guy, but a fellow that is very keen to share his knowledge of places and techniques to get the best shots. A true master photographer with a great eye for things that others just miss. Just look at his web shots. A definate must for any photographer..."

Ross. NSW, Australia









"The photo adventure started right outside our hotel, where we proceeded to visit a buch of intruiging places that a run-of-the-mill tourist would probably never go to. The walk was both eye opening and inspiring. We hope that the creative spark it ignited will find it's way into all the photos we will be taking in the future!"

Agnes. Oslo, Norway









"I feel like I went from being a casual picture snapper to someone who can now decide what it is I want to shoot, how I want the photo to look, making sure I take the time to get the results I want, and just stay in the moment of it all. It seems like the rest of my vacation tours and ship excursions were all so rushed and on the surface, but with Laurie's tour we just took our time and finished our mission. It was so nice to slow down and focus on my photography!"

Adrienne. Washington, USA