About our Barcelona Photography Tours   


For photography enthusiasts who want to be guided to the most photogenic sites, or simply want to improve their camera techniques, these tours are for you!  

Barcelona photography tours are a great way to see the most photogenic locations in Barcelona through the eyes of a professional photographer. These tours are designed for beginners, amateurs and advanced photographers who wish to create a work of art, instead of typical holiday snapshots.





Most enthusiasts know that photographic oportunities need careful planning to be at that spot during "the magic hour".




During the tour, you will recieve hands-on advice and tips on how to perfect your photographic skills by using light, composition, colour, texture, shadows and highlights, bokeh, perspective, depth of field and selective focus in making your images stand out from the crowd!





  Barcelona will inspire you to capture amazing images..





We offer half day and full day photographic tours. These include night photo tours which open up all sorts of photo oportunities for the adventurous photographer. Barcelona at night is a magical experience that should not be missed.

 Our photo tours fobeginners to advances photograph guide you through photogenic Barcelona with a professional photographer. Full and half day to and night photo tou Our photo tours for beginners to advances photographers guide you through photogenic Barcelona with a professional photographer.aalf day tours and night photo tour